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Ganas is a wonderful place to live and work if you are interested in working cooperatively and engaging in positive problem solving. Generally we're a group of people who like to work, we like being excited about what we do, and we like that our labor contributes directly to the well-being of us, our friends and our family without exploiting people and resources in the process. The jobs listed below require that you live here at Ganas:

Current job openings


Ganas is looking for a community minded person to join our maintenance team and help maintain our 8 houses and four commercial properties.

Skills needed are PLUMBING- sweating pipes, fixing toilets, unclogging drains, fixing leaking faucets, and ELECTRICAL- changing switches, breakers, ballasts, and troubleshooting appliances and boiler problems.

Along with plumbing and electrical tasks there are opportunities for carpentry, drywall, roofing, tile work, phone, computer network repair and renovation projects large and small.

If you enjoy fixing things and varied work routine please email Catherine at with some information about your background, your skills, your current situation and why a live/work community interests you.